Thursday, July 7, 2011

Diego's Etiquette Guide

Welcome to "Diego's Etiquette to Eating"
"There are only a few rules you should know to make sure you don't embarrass yourself when eating with me, or any other 5 month old."

1. Make sure you know the dress code.

2. Always use a napkin or bib, even when Mama says you don't need one.

3. When hosting, inspect your cutlery to be sure it is spotless.

 4. Your pinky should remain up whenever possible.

5. Don't suck your fingers - or your companions' fingers for that matter.

6. Express how much you enjoyed the food, even if it's not pears or peaches.

7. Only share your food if your meal companion asks for it first.

8. Be patient. There is a spoon.

9. But remember that spoons are for eating, not for flinging food.

10. Always thank your host and/or your guests, just like I'm about to.

"Thank you for reading 'Diego's Etiquette to Eating.' We've enjoyed your company."

"And remember - pinkies up!"

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