Saturday, December 24, 2011


"Mama, in the spirit of Christmas Eve, I think your dinner should be my first present."

"And that includes your ham."

"I'll tell you what. You give me the rest of your ham, peas, and potato 
and I will put as much of it as possible in my just-washed hair. 
That's the best offer I can make you. Take it or leave it."

"It's amazing what I can get away with these days!"

Diego's rating for ham: 2 thumbs up!

Here We Come a-Waffling!

"In celebration of Uncle Sebastian's graduating from the University of Toledo, I got to have waffles!"

"It has everything a little Diego could want - it's spongy, easy to pick up, and just a little sweet."

"Abuelita, I don't know how you can resist getting your own waffle! 
But I'm glad you're sitting here with me while I eat mine."

"Next time I'd like one with extra butter, please."
Diego's waffle rating: 4 stars

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bananas 2 ways

"Did you know that Mama and Grandma are allergic to raw bananas? 
That's why I haven't tried them yet."

"But Mama said that I could try them as long as they're cooked. 
So that's what I'm trying now!"

"First a banana baked plain."

"Eh. It's no raisin, that's for sure."

"Now for a raisin to cleanse the palate."

"Finally, a banana baked with cinnamon."

"Mmmm, much better."

"Perhaps even finger-licking good."

"I think that I have to score the plain bananas, rather than the cinnamon ones, 
just to maintain the integrity of my rating system."

"And in that case, bananas only get 2 stars. 
Cinnamon adds another 2, though."

Monday, December 12, 2011


"Here's one from my archives! 
I believe this new food tasting took place sometime in late September."

"Rawr! I'm gonna eat your brains! 
(I'm pretty good at these zombie/monster poses, aren't I!)"

"Ok, ok, come back here Mama. I'll get down to business."

"Well now. This is different. 
Couldn't leave well enough alone, could you?"

"I think cinnamon and squash might be good for some people.  
I am not one of those people."

"What about putting it on apples though? Or even other fruit! 
That I could imagine would taste rather nice."

"Nope, I see you're going to insist on putting it on squash.  
One day I hope you'll listen to me."

Diego's cinnamon rating: 1 star - on squash, anyway.
We know now that cinnamon + apples = 4 stars.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Mischief

"Us? Causing mischief? Never!"

"Can you believe that I got another chance to play with some of my cousins so soon?"

"As you can guess, it was pretty hectic - but so much fun!"

"I had fun pulling myself up on anything, and Grandpa helped sometimes."

"Probably best that I was off to the side for this part."

"But not for long! Daniel came over and gave me a great big bear hug. Or maybe he wanted to wrestle."

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


"Happy Thanksgiving!"

"I know, I know, it's December and Thanksgiving is long past. 
But I've been busy exploring!"

"Grandpa helped me explore, too."

"This is my Thanksgiving dinner.  
I have green beans (french cut, of course), 
sweet potatoescarrots, potatoes, and TURKEY!"

"Turkey is pretty good. Tastes like chicken. I'd say 3 stars, easy."

"I also tried Aunt Denise's brussel sprouts.  I was happier about them than this photo would lead you to believe. I give them 1-1/2 thumbs up!"

"Here comes Daisy!"

"Daisy and I had a really nice symbiotic relationship."

"I dropped food and then Daisy ate it. It was a lot of fun for both of us."

"Good Daisy!"

"So that was my very first Thanksgiving."

"Grandpa? What do you think? Best Thanksgiving ever?"

"Yay! Best Thanksgiving ever!"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Raisins and some housekeeping

"I thought that I should revisit my scoring system now that 
I'm eating a lot of different foods.  
Here's a little rubric I follow to keep my ratings a little consistent."

"First, is it something I can pick up myself?  Automatic +2 stars."

"Is it sweet? Automatic +1 thumb up."

"Is it squishy? Automatic +1 star."

"Of course there are all sorts of other factors that can 
sway my rating, like my mood."

"But then there are some foods that transcend all these things.  
A super food, if you will.  Perhaps a super Diego food."

"And that food would be raisins, first tried when my cousin Daniel 
handed me one at breakfast last weekend.  
I'll try to recreate my reaction here, though:"

"Mmmmm, raisins."

Diego's rating: 4 stars plus 1 thumbs up!