Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Mysterious Blue Mug

"Welcome to the first edition of 'Diego's Dinner Theater.'  I'm glad you found my preview so intriguing as to return.  We start our story with our handsome young protagonist drowning his sorrows away."

"Mmmmm, peaches."

"Oh no, my peaches! Don't take my peaches!"

"The audacity! I will fight against this high offense!"

"Come here, blue mug. I'll make sure your contents are cared for."

"Cared for in my belly."

"Excuse me, may I interject here, narrator?"

"You see, I don't think that this accurately portrays the struggle of the protagonist. He's in a crazy, high chair world where peaches just appear out of blue mugs. What choice does he have but to go after the mug? It's his brass ring.  Except this brass ring only brings destruction.  Allow me to demonstrate..."

"It begins simply. You're in a possibly precarious situation, but all seems safe. You have your building blocks - these are stand ins for the peaches, of course."

"And then all of a sudden your whole world topples over the edge of the high chair.  In a split second you are left with nothing."

"So you see, our protagonist is trying to provide for the future while living in the present. 
Now please resume your story."

"I got pears! Yay!"


  1. thanks Diego!!! after a long day, this is exactly what i needed :). P.S. i think your vocabulary at barely 7 months exceeds mine right now.

  2. And what about math skills? :)