Saturday, July 16, 2011

Someone got his picture taken by something other than a webcam

Diego at 6 months

Professor Diego

"Toes! I have TOES!"

"I'm thinking really, really, really, really deep thoughts."


Tea Pot Diego ("Tip me over and pour me out!")

"Why, yes. I do work out. Thanks for asking."

"What do you mean no new foods until after Cancun?"

(No new foods until after Cancun. We'll be testing the sunblock for reactions and getting his 6 month vaccinations, so I don't want to add a potential food allergy to the mix.)

I'm sure Diego will find something to blog about in the meantime.


  1. So cute! My favorite is the evil laugh pic.

  2. I think that's the only one of these that I didn't get printed on the spot (maybe the last one too? It's all such a blur). But we have the CD.

    I'm so amazed at the variety of photos, though. All we did was help him sit or put him on his tummy or back, and then try to get him to laugh. He "decided" where his arms and hands should go in all of these. (Honestly, I think he temporarily lost some of his hand-mouth coordination and was just trying to gnaw on some fingers and kept missing.)