Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And the new food is....

Butternut Squash!

"Mama said pumpkin was the winner, but then we forgot that it's too early 
for pumpkins to be in the store."

"Apparently Daddy suggested cheetos, but Mama said no. 
I think I might have more fun with Daddy at home"

"But then again, Daddy doesn't let me finger paint my tray with food."

"Oh, right! You must want to know how I liked the butternut squash."

Diego's rating: 3 1/4 stars (just slightly better than carrots)


  1. Pumpkin comes in a can, already pureed. :)

  2. Yeah, but I'm making all his food (except apple sauce since I eat whatever he doesn't finish in those little single serving dishes. It's also easy to find applesauce with no additives).