Wednesday, July 4, 2012


 "Look, look! I have shoes on with my pajamas! 
Mama and Daddy are taking me out past my bedtime!"

 "Somehow I thought something more interesting goes on after bedtime. 
Instead we're just on this field."

 "But it looks like I'll get a lot of extra Daddy time tonight, so I can't complain."


 "Is this my new bed? Because I think I could get used to this." 

"Well, Mama's clearly excited about something. 
I guess I'll keep my eyes open for something new."

 "And the first something new? Cotton candy! I approve - 5 stars."

 "Glowy thingy! New thing #2! Will there be more? 
Something called fireworks? I'm intrigued."

"Mama? Daddy and I talked and we agreed. That flash is too bright. 
Stop taking pictures and just tell people that I liked the fireworks. A LOT."

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