Friday, July 20, 2012


"Check it out. Mama liked my corn cob soup recipe so much she asked me to do more cooking."

"Can you believe that she asked me to squeeze limes for her? Limes! Well, of course I replied...

'This is AWESOME!'"

"So first you take the lime half and carefully put it on top of the cone of liquidy awesomeness."

"Then you squeeeeeeeeeze out the juice. 
Pro tip: It helps to actually say the word 'squeeze' at the same time."

"Here's an aerial view so you can see how hard my little fingers are squeezing."

"Sometimes the lime might go crooked, but that's ok. I have a solution for that."

"The ol' lick and stick!"

"That was pretty delicious. I'd better lick the lime again."

"When you've squeezed all the limes, double check that Mama doesn't have more. 
Keep asking and she'll probably cave and let you squeeze 1 more lime than she actually needs."

 "Once you've exhausted Mama's lime supply, 
you grab the edge of the cone of liquidy awesomeness, and..."

"Wait, the lime juice is in there?"

"Let's not be hasty about this. Better replace the cone and collect myself before I look again."

"There's the lime juice. All in one place. Contained."

"Should I put the cone back on and have Mama take it from here? 
Or should I spill the lime juice out just to see what will happen?"

"Easy choice. So long, cone of liquidy awesomeness."

Diego's rating for limes: Exceptional.

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