Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bananas 2 ways

"Did you know that Mama and Grandma are allergic to raw bananas? 
That's why I haven't tried them yet."

"But Mama said that I could try them as long as they're cooked. 
So that's what I'm trying now!"

"First a banana baked plain."

"Eh. It's no raisin, that's for sure."

"Now for a raisin to cleanse the palate."

"Finally, a banana baked with cinnamon."

"Mmmm, much better."

"Perhaps even finger-licking good."

"I think that I have to score the plain bananas, rather than the cinnamon ones, 
just to maintain the integrity of my rating system."

"And in that case, bananas only get 2 stars. 
Cinnamon adds another 2, though."

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