Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Raisins and some housekeeping

"I thought that I should revisit my scoring system now that 
I'm eating a lot of different foods.  
Here's a little rubric I follow to keep my ratings a little consistent."

"First, is it something I can pick up myself?  Automatic +2 stars."

"Is it sweet? Automatic +1 thumb up."

"Is it squishy? Automatic +1 star."

"Of course there are all sorts of other factors that can 
sway my rating, like my mood."

"But then there are some foods that transcend all these things.  
A super food, if you will.  Perhaps a super Diego food."

"And that food would be raisins, first tried when my cousin Daniel 
handed me one at breakfast last weekend.  
I'll try to recreate my reaction here, though:"

"Mmmmm, raisins."

Diego's rating: 4 stars plus 1 thumbs up!

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